New Year’s Intentions and Goals

Our team looks ahead to set our 2023 intentions

As we set our 2023 intentions, we are reminded that this business we work in is ever-changing! Last year, we found it more important than ever to be flexible. We worked hard to get our clients into homes they love. And we were creative and resourceful in selling homes that could use some updates and repairs to truly shine.

As we look ahead, we’re setting some intentions for our team’s focus in 2023. When we work with our buyers, we use the formula of home, neighborhood, technology, time, money, and peace of mind to build the foundation of their home-buying process.

We’re using that same formula to create our intentions and 2023 goals. We strive for these things so that our team feels successful as an individual AND as part of the team in the coming year.

A fist bump between team members after setting intentions


Shed the clutter and organize spaces in hopes of living a lighter year. Find comfort and joy, by welcoming people into our homes, to share and build relationships. 


Reach out and connect to friends and neighbors in our community. Get involved in hyper-local causes that speak to our hearts. 


Pause often, and be more present. Reduce social media and screen time. 


Focus time to align with our goals. Manifest our dreams by directing our attention to actions. 


Be intentional and aware of our needs versus our wants. Save for future investments. 

Peace of Mind

Carve out time to take care of our bodies and minds. Maintain a healthy growth mindset. Seek out new information in art, literature, and relationships.

Happy New Year from the Six Degrees Team! Is buying or selling a home a goal for you in 2023? You can see how we work with our buyers here. Or visit our sell page to see the work we put into our listings BEFORE they go on the market.

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