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  • Hilltop Elementary - 8/10
  • Hazelwood Elementary - 6/10
  • Meadowdale Elementary - 6/10
  • Meadowdale High School - 6/10
  • Martha Lake Elementary - 6/10
  • Alderwood Middle School - 5/10
  • College Place Elementary - 5/10
  • College Place Middle School - 5/10
  • Meadowdale Elementary - 5/10
  • Beverly Elementary - 4/10
  • Oak Heights Elementary - 4/10
  • Spruce Elementary - 4/10
  • Lake Stickney elementary - 4/10
  • Cedar Valley Community School - 3/10

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Lynnwood has it all! There are so many opportunities to find a lovely tucked away community of homes where you can have that small neighborhood feel, but you are still very close to shopping and the interstate. Alderwood Mall and the surrounding area have everything you need.

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