Edmonds is a quaint, scenic arts town approximately 15 miles north of Seattle. The waterfront town overlooks the Puget Sound and the Olympics and is home to the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry, which offers a 30-minute ride to the Olympic Peninsula. Edmonds has a small-town feel with an abundance of great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, art galleries and shopping. It was named Washington's first Creative District because of the rich arts community in both fine and performing arts. Edmonds even has its own performing arts center where you can watch everything from symphonies and dance troupes to comedy shows. The downtown area and the adjacent residential area are called Edmonds “Bowl”. The Bowl has easy access to shops, dining, the ferry waterfront and has stunning Sound views.

Edmonds' housing market is competitive and the median sales price is currently $975,000. It is a desirable place to live for many because it has such an eclectic downtown, is walkable, water views, great schools, and it is still commutable to downtown Seattle. Driving through Edmonds you can see evidence of what once was a sleepy retirement town with condo projects sprinkled throughout the bowl and near the water. Today, Edmonds has truly become a thriving suburban paradise.

Edmonds comprises mostly single-family homes ranging from the 1950s to the present day. Any new construction is often just small built communities with 4-8 single homes, as most of Edmonds is established homes and neighborhoods. The city has allowed a few new condominium complexes on the main street downtown and along the waterfront.

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  • Meadowdale High School - 6/10
  • Edmonds Woodway High School - 6/10
  • Maplewood K-8 - 8/10
  • Madrona K-8 - 5/10
  • Meadowdale Middle School - 5/10
  • College Place Middle School - 5/10
  • Serene Lake Elementary - 7/10
  • Seaview Elementary - 7/10
  • Edmonds Elementary - 7/10
  • Lynndale Elementary - 6/10
  • Sherwood Elementary - 6/10
  • Westgate Elementary - 6/10
  • Picnic Point Elementary - 5/10
  • Chase Lake Elementary - 5/10

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Edmonds offers a unique mix of beach town with stunning views and an amazing artistic community and downtown vibrance. There are always community events and festivals for the public to attend or get involved in. And there is no shortage of great restaurants!

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