Local Women We Admire in Honor of International Women’s Day 2022

The Six Degree Team is honoring great women in our community this month for International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Let’s meet some women right here in the greater Edmonds community we are honored to know.

Joyce Bonney, Tutor and Retired Teacher

Last but not least, Bree Bristol is sharing about a local educator who saw a need during the pandemic and acted out of her immense dedication and love of teaching children.

Tell us about a woman you admire.

Joyce Bonney, Mrs. Bonney to her students, was my son’s third-grade teacher. She taught in the Edmonds School District for 32 years. When she retired, she tutored students and during the pandemic, her tutoring became instrumental in keeping so many kids on track with their learning. She has since tutored both of my sons.

What traits do you admire about her?

She is an amazing teacher, mom, wife, and friend that truly cares about her students.

What was it like working with kids during the pandemic?

Joyce: Since retiring a few years before this time I was subbing and tutoring students at the library. When the pandemic came I didn’t know what I should do. Parents asked me to still help and tutor in some way. I decided to make up relevant packets and assignments that corresponded with what I knew they were studying. I drove the packets to their homes, gave them some time to complete the work, and then zoomed with the children. We went over their work, reviewed the topic, and I was able to help them with their studies. I began going to some of their homes with masks on, sitting with distances between us, and we worked. It was wonderful to be able to see their work and share in person if they were able to.

What impact did the pandemic have on your students?

Joyce: The pandemic had a definite effect upon students, some more than others. I believe it was harder on younger students who had not experienced a lot of “doing school”. They missed out on circle time and interaction with all the learning charts and mingling with other children in a classroom.  Also, students who needed extra support struggled with the process of paying attention, staying on task, and being accountable. There was so much pressure on parents to be sure their child was paying attention and even tuning in. There are some things that just can’t be experienced in an online system. 

Do you have any tips for parents to help their kids succeed going forward?

Joyce: Parents are so important in a child’s education. The communication between a teacher and a parent is invaluable. It needs to be a team situation. The parent needs to be an advocate for their child and share insights with the teacher. When a child knows there’s a team caring about him or her, some awesome things can happen. The parents should have some idea of what their child is studying. For instance, if a child is studying fractions, then show the child how fractions are used in the home. Find a way to make a connection! If a student sees how a parent is talking about fractions, then that can show the importance of learning about them!  

I want to say that I greatly admire the parents who control and know what’s happening in their child’s life in regards to social media. I didn’t have to deal with that when I raised my children. I know many feel intimidated by it and just overlook it. That is one area every parent should be aware of and take nothing for granted. 

Who do you admire?

Joyce: I look up to you! I also look up to my teacher friends.

What motivates you in your career?

Joyce: KIDS!! I’m passionate about kids and to be honest, at times I even prefer being around or talking with children. They can be so brutally honest and you usually know where you stand with them. Talking with a child or student can be so refreshing! Talking with students and listening to their insights usually grounds me and can show me what’s important. They know just what you need at times.  

Recently, when subbing in a first-grade classroom I was having a difficult day. I was struggling with aging, weight, etc. All of a sudden a little girl came up to me and said, “Mrs. Bonney, you have beautiful blue eyes. I can see right inside them. I just wanted you to know.” I don’t know what she saw that day for sure. But it was what I needed at that moment to feel relevant. 

I am drawn to people who show kindness to others and who run toward kids. Teaching gives me a chance to help a student and hopefully be important in the life of a child.

What’s a habit that is invaluable to you?

Joyce: Reading and bible study.

What do you do to recharge?

Joyce: I love spending time with my grandkids, I’m an avid reader, and I enjoy weekend getaways.

Thank you, Joyce, for sharing about your work with kids and all you’ve done to help them succeed during the pandemic and beyond.

Liz Morgan, FIELD by Morgan & Moss

Woman holding flowers in floral shop

This week Stephanie Anderson is sharing about Liz Morgan, a local business owner who is known in the Edmonds community for her exquisite floral designs. Over a year ago, Liz opened a floral shop in downtown Edmonds, FIELD by Morgan & Moss.

Tell us about a woman you admire.

I love that Liz is active and helpful in the local Edmonds community. Liz goes the extra mile and stands up for what she believes in.

What traits do you admire about this person?

I admire Liz’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her floral business. She makes everyone feel special who comes into her shop, and her floral designs are epic! Liz sees a need and fills it with kindness.

What is something special she does to give back to her community?  

She is currently the only retail florist in Edmonds, and she gives back to local organizations and events in the community – whether it be to a floral donation to beautify an event or as part of an auction. She and her family are active in the community not only as a local business but as residents as well. 

Who does she admire?

“I have fierce women in my life, being one of three daughters. I really admire my mom and what she has accomplished, not only throughout her life but recently. Right before the pandemic hit, she was gifted an art class from my older sister. She has always been artistic and gifted in design but was rarely recognized for her art. As an art student in her 70’s, she has blown our socks off! She has an Instagram account and her engagement is through the roof. She is working on her certificate in botanical art with the ultimate goal to be an art instructor. Check her out on Instagram, if you can, she’s amazing. It’s never too late, ladies!” Liz said.

What motivates her in her career?

Engaging with her customers is her number one motivator. 

“I’m often in the back of the shop designing and rarely get to be upfront and with our customers. This changes on the weekends as Saturdays and Sundays are light delivery/flower days, so I get to be at the counter and interact with all our amazing visitors. I’m energized, refreshed, and full of ideas after spending a day greeting, chatting, and interacting with the wonderful folks who venture in. I absolutely love it!” She said.

What’s a habit that is invaluable to her? 

“Falling asleep early. I used to be a total night owl, going to bed at 1 or 2 am, as I wasn’t able to turn my brain off, after working late nights. Now, I have a habit of getting into bed early, with my iPad and usually fall asleep within a few minutes. I’m awake between 5 and 5:30, to get my day started, so the sleep is necessary and sets me up for success for the busy day ahead,” Liz said.

What does she do to recharge?

When she’s not in the shop, she’s with her husband, KC, and their two kids – son Charlie (15) and daughter Kate (12). 

“They are the number one reason I took the leap to open the shop and they are my biggest cheerleaders, as I am theirs. I’m really enjoying their teen years if you can believe it! We watch movies and shows, play board games, take drives to explore new places and talk. Lots and lots of talking and sharing going on in our house,” she said.

Thank you, Liz! We love seeing your beautiful flower creations.

Nona Davenport, All Wound Up Yarn Shop Owner

Woman smiling standing infront of yarn

Wendi Holst, Six Degrees Realtor, met Nona Davenport 15 years ago in bible study. They were good friends who both enjoyed crafting and participated together in craft fairs and markets. Nona continued to grow in her love of design, sewing, and yarn, and seven years ago she opened All Wound Up Yarn Shop in Edmonds with her mom, Leslie. 

Tell us about a woman you admire.

Nona is a woman who wears many hats. She is a mother to three, married to her high school sweetheart, deeply dedicated to her faith, and co-owns All Wound Up Yarn Shop in Edmonds with her mother.

What traits do you admire about this person?

I admire how hard Nona works and still finds time to spend with her friends and family. She is one of the hardest working women I know.

Who is someone she looks up to?

Her mom, Leslie, is one of her heroes. She taught her the value of hard work, and of giving her all in every task. She encouraged creativity and shared all kinds of crafts with her growing up. She experimented with beads, paint, fabric, printmaking, stamping, clay, fiber arts, metalwork, and even stained glass! As Nona grew up, she became a good friend and a wonderful grandma to her kids. She’s also her business partner at All Wound Up. She is creative and smart, funny, and encouraging. 

“We work well together, and our business relies on our teamwork to succeed,” Nona said.

What motivates her in her career?

“I love to see my customers take what they’ve learned at our shop and make something beautiful. They are so excited to show us their first finished project after learning to knit or crochet. They bring in amazing cabled sweaters after taking a cable class from us, or they fix a mistake on their own after having come in for help. We have created a community where makers inspire one another and encourage each other. This fuels me to continue to create meaningful classes, bring in unique yarns, and design patterns that excite my customers,” she said.

What is a habit that is invaluable to her?

She starts her days with quiet prayer. 

“I need that time of peaceful silence before taking on the chaos of the world: bills, emails, homework, news. That time with God is precious to me, and gives me strength to face the rest of my day,” Nona said.

What does she do to recharge?

Nona’s favorite way to recharge is to vacation by the ocean, with long walks on the beach with her husband, kids, and dog. Unfortunately, over the last few years, it’s been really hard to make that a reality. Just prior to Covid, she discovered audiobooks and became an avid fan. Getting lost in a story while keeping her hands busy with knitting or sewing has become the most consistent way she recharges these days.

Thank you for all your business adds to the Edmonds community, Nona!

Sara Lucero, Photographer

Sara Lucero outside smiling

This week Emily Bishop, our Listing Specialist, is sharing about a remarkable woman who is also special to our entire team. She is the mastermind behind the camera for all our team photography these days. Sara is incredible to work with, and read on to see some other amazing things she’s doing for her community and as a mom.

Tell us about a woman you admire.  

Sara is an amazingly talented photographer who captures moments, expressions, emotion, and beauty with ease. She is a super mom to her two boys. She fights for justice and equality alongside her son who at the age of 8 started Team End Racism. His non-profit raises awareness and money to donate diverse books and art supplies with multicultural colors to his school all while spreading a huge dose of kindness. She is a fierce example to her family and champions those around her. Her faith shines in the way she loves others. And I’ve heard she throws a pretty epic Christmas party! 

What traits do you admire about her?

Sara’s heart bursts for others, she sees people and sees their beauty. She is present as a mom, a wife, a friend, and a business owner. She fights for what she believes in, for her family, for the marginalized, and for kids who need a forever home. 

What is something special she does to give back to her community?

Sara has come alongside and helped her 9-year-old son Kohen find his voice to support other kids who look like him and encourage kindness. He started Team End Racism and his first rule is “Smile at Everyone.” Empowering her son to live his passion with conviction all while doing it loudly with kindness says a lot about who she is as a mom and what she stands for. Our community is blessed by both of them! 

Who does she admire?

Sara admires her son. He compassionately cares for others and is quick to forgive, even when her mama bear heart wants to defend. He is truly set on making the world a better place! 

What motivates her in her career?

She said, “being a photographer of people is like being their personal historian. Life moves quickly these days and it’s paramount to make time to photograph your loved ones together.”

What is a habit that is invaluable to her?

“Writing. everything. down. I frequently jot down ideas or “to-dos” and each night before bed I check my notes app and make a checklist for what I want to accomplish the next day,” Sara said.

What does she do to recharge?

Go on solo walks and look for the beauty around her to photograph, even if it’s just on her phone. And watching old Survivor seasons with her husband after the kids have gone to bed. 

Thank you, Sara! You can check out Sara’s photography work at hellosaralucero.com. And if you would like to learn more about her son’s non-profit or to donate, visit his website, teamendracism.com.

Sasha Lucas, Geneticist

Our owner Dori is sharing about her friend and Edmonds neighbor, Sasha Lucas – Geneticist, Senior Research Associate at the Seattle Genetics Department of Immunology.

Tell us about a woman you admire.

Sasha is a scientist and a local Edmonds mom of 5. She may spend her workdays with her focus in microscopes and Petri dishes, but her attention is always going to the bigger picture and greater good of her community. She is curing cancer by day and running a large household with her husband Adam every night. 

What traits do you admire about her?

Sasha is one of the most kick-back and relaxed people I know. Sasha is equally wicked smart as she is funny! She even won the NPR Trivia Contest “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”. I admire her for her wisdom, strength, kindness, and overall awesome can-do personality. 

What is something special she does for her community? 

Sasha is a huge supporter of local businesses, arts, non-profits, sports, and youth programs. She loves animals and always stops to help post about someone’s lost pet. Sasha pioneered cocktails in hydro flasks, is a rad homemade pizza maker, and never fails to make people feel welcome.

Who does she admire?

Sasha looks up to her mom who approached everything with a positive attitude and taught her to have a good attitude and be kind. Most of all she taught her the importance of laughing at yourself.

What motivates her in her career?

She is motivated to help people and to try to make the world better. Working in immuno-oncology, her goal is always to help people survive cancer. 

What’s a habit that is invaluable to her?

Sasha likes to tackle one thing at a time and when there is a lot on her plate, to keep her focus on the next thing she has to do. 

What does she do to recharge?

She enjoys mountain biking, urban hiking, and walking or sitting at the beach. 

Thank you Sasha for all you do for the community AND in your career to help people in their fight against cancer.

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